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  • Q What maintenance is required at site?

    1.Clean the machine each time after finishing using.
    2.Oil mechanic parts daily and grease every week;
    3. Change gear box oil(18#gear oil with 350ml) every 3 months;
    4.Check each part of the machine and replace wearing parts regularly;
    5.Check wire rope daily and replace no more than one month. (VISTA);
    6.Add the hydraulic oil when needed;
  • Q What is the life for the m/c?

    A 3-5 years at normal use
  • Q How is the machine cleaned after use?

    A After finish using the rendering machine, the cleaning job needed to be done after the power  is cut off. Use water to wash the caster, plastering tank, directional pipes, extensions. The  machine body and the buttons could only be cleaned by the cloth.
  • Q How do we use the machine on walls with openings such as windows and doors? Can it be done with the machine or do we have to do it manually?

    All models of machines can definitely render the area which is below and above window.  
    For the machine VISTA and XP: Supply little mortar at first, when the machine reach the open  area, the mortar is nearly used up. After the machine passed the open area, press the “STOP”  button and supply the mortar to render the top area then.
  • Q How many people need to operate the machine effectively? What is their division of labor?

    A Normally 3 people are enough to operate the machine, two people operate the machine and  one person is in charge of small area repairing.
  • Q How about the finishing effect? Whether it is smooth?

    A The finishing effect is definitely smooth, no hollow, no cracking. The difference is less than 2mm.
  • Q Whether the hollow and cracking could happen?

    A Hollows can be avoided because there are three vibrators behind the mortar tank. It creats high  pressure to the wall when machine works. And watering before rendering the wall can avoid  cracking.
  • Q Whether the machine could be used for the external wall and ceiling?

    A No, it couldn’t at present. We are still working on it. It will coming soon!
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