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EZ-MINI 500 
A smart full-auto cement plastering machine that woman easily operate
* 1 key auto alignment, 1 operator for whole process.  
* 4 in 1 fool style operation. full-auto complete position, alignment, fixing, none fixing 4 operations. 
* 70KGS split design, light & portable. 1 operator easy sliding ,2 person easy shifting between floors 
Package Advantages

1. Plastering quality

*4.3" touch screen with chip, it's the CPU with program, memory and order. accuratly control alignment and position in both vertical and horizontal. solve uneve case plastering completely with good flatness. 
* Single rail plus special locking system breakthrough the Multi-point positioning's Inertial thinking, secure on 3cm unevenness  floor, lock machine well. no step back, no right and left sliding. 
any your simple requirment is with our dedicated research 

2. Operation & Training

* Easy operation. 4 in 1 fool style operation. automatic complete position, alignment, fixing, none fixing 4 steps.  
* Relaxed operation. standing operational console, no bending comfortable operation. even 1 operator can enjoy advanced operation without hard pull and push, no need 600 times/day hard trampling   
* Optional operation. there are auto and manual two key modes, suitable for different user     

3. Maintenance & Solution

The best maintenance is low maintenance, it is ingrained in our culture and action.  
*The only cement plastering machine with failure diagnose system, red alert erros like PC, easy diagnose and maintain. 
*Password protection  of operation avoid manual mistake. 
*Trouble shooting video and handout is available. 
Products Specification


Model: EZ-MINI-500  
Power: 220V/ 0.5KW
Efficiency: 40㎡/H 
Plasteing height: 2.85-3.5m 
Plastering Thickness: 4-30mm
floor or wall uneveness ≤ 3cm
N.W: 70KGS split design 
Dimension: 95*65*115 cm
Work as plastering solution, good    
Customer Story
Red hollow blocks wall. ceiling is flat without pipes, floor uneveness is within 3cm and without pipes. it is perfect sites  except the water sunction.  the raised surface is smooth, so mortar is easy falling down. 
Client utilize single  cement plastering machine EZ-MINI, and  executed two methods. rough wall before plastering or use good adhensive mortar. the final result it was succesfully for both methods...  
However, if you don't want to rough wall or don't want to pay extra for special mortar, suggest you utilize EZ-MINI plastering solution. no wall limiataion, no mortar limitation and simplify working process.
Products Details

No worry of corner, beam , window etc small area plastering

* Program-controlled trowel turnover tech, 3 seconds set any plastering height, easy doing special area plastering such as area under beam, corner and window 
* No levelers, turnover trowel accurately avoid the hook and uneven ceiling disadvantages. 

No mortar fall off, no crack, no echo

* Big capacity vibrator, 500kgs + pressure enable mortar sticky on wall.   
* Adjustable vibration depends on thickness of render. too thin or too thick special case, don't need you  ask, we already find out solution for you. 

1. Before testing and using equipement, please read user manual or watching operation video carefully.   
2. Special sites, such as ≥ 3.5m high wall, uneven wall and floor, there are pipes on ceiling and wall, please contact our engineer to obtain standard construction guideline  
3. The configuration of equipment is protected by password, usually don't need any change as PC.  if need any necessary maintenance or modification, please contact admistrator.
Service Guarantee

Our own engineering team

* Done 2 million ㎡plastering projects  team to be your service expert                                         
* 5 engineers with 10 years professional experience 

Own Lab

* Mortar  effection is really concern, different formula to secure render quality  
* We focus more on new plastering way

Standardized After service

We specialized on all factors                                  1.  machine  2. user   3. mortar  4. working condtion  5. overall process
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