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How to deal with insufficient pressure of small concrete mixer truck

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Under a certain pressure, the small concrete mixer truck has the effect of pressure, which will generate a certain amount of power and start its operation. In this way, the above concrete can be more fully mixed. Under the premise of insufficient pressure, it may affect the efficiency of the mixer truck. How to deal with insufficient stress?

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1. Check whether the hydraulic pump of the small concrete mixer truck can output hydraulic oil. If it is a new hydraulic pump, there is no hydraulic oil output, it may be that the pump body has casting defects (shrinkage holes, sand holes, etc.), which makes the oil suction chamber and the pressure oil chamber communicate, and loses the oil pressure ability. You should find the manufacturer to replace it in time. If it is not a new hydraulic pump, and there is no hydraulic oil output, it may be due to the wrong steering of the pump, and the parts are severely worn or damaged. Replace it in time.

2. If the hydraulic pump of the small concrete mixer truck has oil output, check whether the overflow valve is working properly. If it is not normal, it may be that a valve in the pressure oil circuit is stuck with dirt or other reasons, and is in the oil return position, causing the pressure oil circuit to be short-circuited with the overflow circuit, or the pipe joint may be loose or under pressure. Some valves in the oil circuit are leaking seriously, or the seals of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors are damaged, causing serious leakage. The troubleshooting method is to disassemble the relevant valve for cleaning, check the size of the sealing gap and various sealing devices. The sealing device should be replaced if it is damaged.

3. If the output flow of the hydraulic pump of the cement small concrete mixer truck decreases significantly with the increase of pressure, and the pressure does not reach the specified value, it is due to the large gap after the hydraulic pump is worn. The elimination method is to measure the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic pump to determine whether the pump can continue to be used. The severely worn parts should be repaired or replaced.

4. The hydraulic system of the small concrete mixer truck can establish normal pressure, but there is no pressure in some pipelines or hydraulic cylinders, which may be due to blockage of the pipelines, small holes or throttle valves, reversing valves, etc. At this time, check the pressure and the presence or absence of oil passage step by step to find out the cause and eliminate it.

According to the reason of insufficient pressure of the small concrete mixer truck, some parts should be replaced in time and adjusted. Restore the pressure to normal. According to the above method, the pressure of the mixer truck can be appropriately increased, and the problem of insufficient pressure can be solved in time.

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