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A big hopper and trowel wall rendering machine,  special for high wall and big area plastering. a good choice for straight high wall.  
* 120cm big trowel, fast levelling for big area
* 86*58cm big hopper, single machine working for 4.2m height, plastering solution working up to 6m .  
* The hot model with cost-effective price        
Package Advantages

1. Plastering quality

* Conversion technology enable machine and vibration power durable and strong, so as to have good plastering finishing  
*  Constant auto hydraulic, no pedaling, no deformation and not efected by uneven floor, deliver good flatness
* 500kgs + Big capacity vibrator, mortar sticky on wall 

2. Machine quality

* Germany laser process standard parts and utilize car installation tech, not only meaning safety but also quality   
* Two different functional motor, play good role in single sector,ensure machine is stable and durable 
* No pedaling no 600-1000 times/day.. no high frequency low maintenance.    

3. Standardized working process

No matter it's  blocks wall, bricks wall or concrete wall.... no matter it's single machine working  or plastering solution, we have a whole  standardized working process to improve plastering quality and efficiency, to avoid manual error and have easy operation... user likes you are happy.   
Products Specification


Model : EZ-ROBOT-1200
Power: 220V/ 0.75KW
Efficiency: 60㎡/H 
Plasteing height: 2.85-4.2m 
Plastering Thickness: 4-30mm
N.W: 140KGS 
Dimension:135*70*50 CM
Trowel: 120cm 
Conveyer belt hopper: 86*58cm   
Customer Story
Air pressed block,  light weight smooth surface, absorb water quickly. Mr Andres' site in Indonecia exactly is such case.  usually people have to rough wall firstly and damp wall before plastering. Mr Andre chosed big wall rendering machine robot-1200, without damping wall and roughing wall, directly apply little liquid mortar on such kind of wall, it was approved that it's practical.  well, there is no absolute success at the first time for single machine while you may be sucessful at the second time, we shall offer you standardized method, working process to help you approaching success which base on our numberous times plastering.  but you may be success at the first time by plastering solution experience.  EZ RENDA dedicated on comprehensive plastering solution since 2005.
Products Details

Chains turnover trowel, no influence of uneven ceiling

* Use chain to turnover trowel when ceiling is uneven, so as to have good flatness  
* Under beam plastering, use chain which is better than hook to keep balance  

Big hopper, special design with special function

* window or door plastering , no need stop machine or empty hopper. conveyer belt control  easy plastering  
* Special design for high wall plastering, single machine working for 4.2m , plastering solution working up to 6m . 
1. Before using machine, please check the wall uneveness is not more than2.5cm. floor is flat not more than 2cm uneveness and no pies on floor and ceiling.                                                                     
2. After each time using, please charging battery                                            
3. Take good care of matched extetion, bars, rods, chains etc neccesary parts 
Service Guarantee

Our own engineering team

* Done 2 million ㎡plastering projects  team to be your service expert                                         
* 5 engineers with 10 years professional experience 

Own Lab

* Mortar  effection is really concern, different formula to secure render quality  
* We focus more on new plastering way

Standardized After service

We specialized on all factors                                  1.  machine  2. user   3. mortar  4. working condtion  5. overall process
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