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ROBOT-1200 PACKAGE:                                                                                   
The cheapest plastering package with 400㎡/day overall efficiency                                   
 * The only auto rendering machine with 1200mm length big smoothing and levelling trowel.       
With big hopper, good for high wall plastering when work alone for straight wall. 
Package Advantages

1. Levelling very fast, special design for high wall

* big trowel, it is quite fast levelling and smoothing                                   
* big hopper, special design for 4m high wall plastering when it 
works along for straight  wall.. solve the high wall mortar hard feeding problem

2. Double protection to have good plastering quality

Double protection to ensure two pipes not curved, so as to have good plastering quality
* No pedal constant hydraulic ensure output pressure of fixing is the same                  
* Utilize thickening 304 stainless steel  

3. Simplify working process

Don't you usually repair wall and put level line manually before plastering? 
EZ RENDA plastering solution,simplify your manual working process 
*No need wall pre-reparing
*No need manual level line 
*No need manual corner, window reparing  
EZ-Mini Package Components


Model: EZ-P20
Power: 380V/ 5.5KW
Spray Efficiency: 180㎡/H
Spray Distance: 
vertical 20M / horizontal 40M 
Tube Length: 10M
Weight: 280kgs 
Dimension: 182*70*100 cm
With build in air compressor   


Model : EZ-ROBOT-1200
Power: 220V/ 0.75KW
Efficiency: 60㎡/H
Plasteing height: 2.85-4.2m
Plastering Thickness: 4-30mm
N.W: 140KGS
Dimension:135*70*50 CM
Work with sprayer for 5cm uneven wall    


Model :Mixer 4.0
N.W: 9.8KGS
Li battery: 48V/10AH
Efficiency: 2000L/H
Adjustable handles
Handy mixing tool for plastering,  
tiles paving, house construction   



It's Consumables
* Anti-precipitation, so mortar
won't blocking tube while use 
mortar pump 
* Deliver good water shrinkage and adhensive, so mortar is sticky and no crack
Customer Story
MCC Construction Co use EZ-ROBOT-1200 auto rendering machine since 2019. One of projects, walls were with rough coating which is big sand. It's very thick and uneven. From begaining,MCC use EZ-ROBOT-1200 directly without follow-up render maintenance. when it was half dry, render got cracks, due to the roughed coating with different water shrinkage. It is the typical tough site with uneven floor, uneven wall which not roughed well

Afterwards they directly use mortar pump to spray normal mortar firstly, and then use auto rendering machine to start normal work, it was approved It's faster way doing better plastering quality. the secret is not simple as only use plastering tools as cement mixer machine.

Use robot-1200  plastering package, no need manually kneading repairing before or after plastering. use less man power increase productivity. your gaining is far beyond your paying.   
Products Details

Small water-proof Vibrator

1. Auto rendering machine has to clean after using, water-proof vibrators delivery long lifespan.     
2. Small body with strong power, ensure the render is sticky to the wall.       
3. Low decible Vibration is force, how about reaction? how we deal with both and ensure final plastering quality, effiency and machine quality? welcome to know more details. 

Double protection of transmitted system

1. Super sensitive pressure alert : 1-3millisecond 
2. When overloading pressure, the system shall disconnect to protect machine, so as to have long lifespan. 
Small details is 100% real. offering you more details is my honour

1. This plastering package is no limitation for wall. straight wall as blocks wall directly use auto rendering machine Robot-1200, uneven wall, use mortar pump etc different machines together.  
2. Before plastering,ensure there is no tubes on ceiling, no obstacles on floor.
3. Ensure the floor unevenless is not more than 3cm.. 
4. When wall more than 4m, follow our standard working process
Service Guarantee

Our own engineering team

* Done 2 million ㎡plastering projects  team to be your service expert                                         
* 5 engineers with 10 years professional experience 

Own Lab

* Mortar  effection is really concern, different formula to secure render quality  
* We focus more on new plastering way

Standardized After service

We specialized on all factors                                  1.  machine  2. user   3. mortar  4. working condtion  5. overall process
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