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* 1 operator, 1 touch start fool-style operation, woman can use.   
* EZ-MINI No  pedal V-sensing plastering machine combined with EZ         
RENDA non-blocking cement sprayer, fit for any kind of uneven walls
* It's the plastering solution that no limitation for wall and users! 
Package Advantages


EZ-MINI 70KGS split design, 1 operator easy sliding.
2 operators easy shifting between floors 
light and require less labors,you and your worker are both happy  

2. Maintenance

* The only plastering machine with failure diagnose system 
alert like PC, easy diagnose and maintain. 
* Password protection  of operation avoid manual mistake
* Exclusive formula ensure cement sprayer non-blocking
The plastering solution get maintenance complementary between different
machine, ensure non-stop working     

3. Working process

* Use cement sprayer, usually take 6-10 times levelling per section. how we 
take 3-5 times/ section.
* Use plastering machine, usually repair wall before and after plastering? 
Why we don't need? 
EZ RENDA standardized working process which is formed from  our 2 
millions square meters actual sites work.
EZ-Mini Package Components


Model: EZ-P10 
Power: 380V/220V/ 5.5KW 
Spray Efficiency: 150㎡/H   
Spray Distance: vertical 10M / 
horizontal 20M  
Tube Length: 10M
Dimension: 130*66*70 cm 
With build in air compressor  


Model : EZ-MINI-500 
Power: 220V/ 0.5KW 
Efficiency: 40㎡/H  
Plasteing height: 2.85-3.5m
Plastering Thickness: 4-30mm
N.W: 70KGS split design 
Dimension: 95*65*115 cm 
Work with sprayer for 5cm uneven 


Model :Mixer 3.0  
N.W: 9.8KGS 
Input Power: 220V/ 0.25KW 
Output Power: DC 48V
Efficiency: 2000L/H 
Handy mixing tool for plastering, 
tiles paving, house construction



It's Consumables 
* Anti-precipitation, so mortar 
won't blocking tube
use while use cement sprayer 
* Present good water shrinkage
and adhensive, so mortar is sticky
and no crack
Customer Story
Every contractor wants good machine and good service. sometimes It is hard to find, but Threehouse Realty found. In 2019,Threehouse asked help from EZ RENDA, they bought plastering machine from others. Not many days,the pedal hydraulic was breakdown. Although we don't have pedal Hydraulic machine, we tried to help them.      
After three month, Threehouse came back to us. our plastering solution is maintenance complementary and machine not easy breaking. this is what they want. the most important there is no limitation for wall and user makes them happy. 
Welcome to visit our HUNAN sites to verify by yourself.
Products Details

1 Key alignment Smart Plastering Machine

No pedal no leveler, it’s full-auto smart plastering machine out of mechanical style
1 key finish both horizontal and vertical alignment
Brings you acurate render quality and luxury
Not every plastering machine is matching with cement sprayer


Pedal & Levelers mechanical Plastering Machine

Why render is uneven? 
Two levelers are out of sync  or ceiling is uneven
Fear of machine failure? The hydraulic is easy oil leaking, lack of pressure. Why?
User has to step pedal 600 times/day while 300㎡ plastering 

1. Please select tear and wear parts for cement sprayer, suggest prepare parts enough use for 6000-10000 ㎡     
2. Please select plastering tools 
3. Don't add any other additive apart from our formula 
4. Please follow guide of EZRENDA  carefully. The process of plastering solution is different from  single machine. 
Service Guarantee

Our own engineering team

* Done 2 million ㎡plastering projects  team to be your service expert                                         
* 5 engineers with 10 years professional experience 

Own Lab

* Mortar  effection is really concern, different formula to secure render quality  
* We focus more on new plastering way

Standardized After service

We specialized on all factors                                  1.  machine  2. user   3. mortar  4. working condtion  5. overall process
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