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Do you know the performance of cement mortar spraying machine?

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What are the performance and characteristics of cement mortar spraying machine?


The equipment is a large-displacement mortar spraying machine using modern technology, with the functions of pumping, bonding and spraying. High conveying efficiency, long pumping distance, easy to pump large particles of mortar, can be used for spraying ready-mixed mortar and on-site mixing mortar. It is equipped with a screw pump anti-wear control mechanism; it has the function of directly separating the screw pump mandrel and jacket on the machine; it can adjust the displacement and remote control functions, and the pressure sensor is controlled as a whole. The integrated screw pump stator is used to improve the anti-wear ability.

Foshan cement mortar spraying machine

Suitable for all kinds of plastering mortar, insulation mortar, bonding mortar, fiber mortar, facing mortar, interface mortar, floor mortar, fireproof mortar, refractory mortar, self-leveling mortar, masonry mortar, reinforcement mortar, filling mortar, pouring Transportation and spraying of mortar.

Performance characteristics: The mortar spraying machine produced by our company is suitable for surface plastering of internal and external walls, floors, roofs and beam and column structures of buildings, as well as mechanized construction of special mortars. It fully meets the requirements of mechanized mortar construction. This mortar spray master has stable mortar ratio, high construction efficiency, low investment cost, and strong mobility. It can stir and pump dry-mixed mortar and wet-mixed mortar on site. The emergence of equipment has truly realized the mechanized construction of mortar. The product is composed of a spray master, a mixing station, and a screening system, which realizes a complete set of mechanized operations from raw material screening, on-site mixing, and pumping to floors and walls.

The new multi-functional mortar spraying machine is suitable for spraying existing mixed ordinary mortar, special materials, cement grouting and decorative mortar. It has good advantages for both ready-mixed ordinary mortar and pre-mixed mortar:

High efficiency: 800-1000 square meters per day (thickness 1.5cm)

Good quality: The sprayed adhesive has high adhesion and strong firmness, which can avoid the phenomenon of hollow drum and rework.

Save money: only five people can do 20 manual jobs for one machine.

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