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Commercial concrete mixing plant layout three ways

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The commercial concrete mixing station is arranged in three ways: horizontal, vertical and mobile concrete mixing station, etc.

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The first kind: horizontal concrete mixing station, the general material or to go through the second lift, is the first material to the equipment storage hopper, and then the material after weighing, according to the processing needs to use the need to transfer into the blender. Because this form of concrete mixing station in the use of a simple structure, less investment, the advantages of small building height, are generally used in the small concrete mixing station works. The disadvantage of the equipment is that the materials need to be upgraded again, which will make the production efficiency of the equipment low and the automation degree of the horizontal concrete mixing station low. These are its disadvantages and the improvement should be made. Generally, the equipment should be used in small and medium-sized cities.

The second kind: vertical type commercial concrete mixing station, its equipment needs to process the material is to carry out a lift, after is to need to rely on the way of the weight of the fall to the need to process each process. Is the advantage of high efficiency, small floor area, and very conducive to the use of automatic equipment implementation, vertical type concrete mixing station is the shortcoming of the equipment structure is too complex, so in the production of the manufacturing cost will be increased a lot, and its in the installation is a great technical difficulty. At present, the use of large enterprise manufacturers.

The third kind: mobile commercial concrete mixing station is the way that a series of devices such as loading, storage, mixing and unloading are combined to install on a base. The movable commercial concrete mixing station has the advantages of compact structure and easy handling, and can also be operated directly on the site, thus reducing the conveying distance of concrete, thus effectively saving the effective economic cost. For some small and medium-sized projects or maintenance of the project is to choose to use. Above is the specification of the arrangement way of commodity concrete mixing station, can use the size of the project according to use, as well as the demand of the region to choose the use of their own project of commodity concrete mixing station, so not only can reduce unnecessary trouble, but also can effectively improve economic interests.

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