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Dedicated on interior exterior comprehensive plastering 
solution since 2005
Born from a family of plaster, we committed to indoor plastering machine initially, and launched plastering machine on the market firstly in 2006. Via constantly evolving our company and products, we’ve obtained the smart plastering solution which is capable to lead the market we serve. 

However, we’ve never forgotten the original intention that people need comprehensive plastering solution. We invent and improve consistently and set up EZRENDA Construction & Engineering Foshan Ltd in 2019, start our own plastering serivce. 

Via 2 millions square meters plastering in Hunan China, we’ve applied different machine together for the first time and  gained experience, data, method, process graduately. Furthermore, formed a standardized plastering solution for both interior and exterior. automatic plastering machine and plaster sprayer existed many years, have you seen anyone use those together? and achieve efficiency 1+1>2? we did.   

The plastering market has great potential, many visionary customers are not limited to using machines well, they want to embed plastering services into different links and customer groups,form a plastering industrial chain and then form an industrial alliance to maximize continuous benefits. this is the meaning of our new business model for business partner, plastering experience on the Hunan construction site has proven that we are capable to contribute to this.    

We are not simple mortar porters, we are the innovators, executors and improvers of the comprehensive plastering solution of mortar, people, working conditions, machines and methods. I firmly believe that this comprehensive plastering solution can lead the entire industry and become the benchmark and authority of the industry. together with mutual business brain-storm of clients, we can open easy, efficient and intelligent machine plastering era together.

President:Jim zheng

The plastering machine industry once faced challenges, However, I am glad that today my family, friends, and classmates are all using our comprehensive plastering solution. we understand that... what you need is not only a machine, but a service like serving ourselve!
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